project: pink stripe nursery

I'm considering declaring that I only want to design nurseries from this point forward. Sure, maybe thats taking it a little far (y'all know my favorable feelings towards kitchens) but I've been working on several nurseries lately for some of the sweetest clients and its been nothing but a joy. There is something special about creating a room for a precious little thing who isn't even here with us yet. Theres an excitement that surrounds a nursery space that doesn't quite surround  , lets say, a dining room. They are simply happy rooms. I don't like a nursery that is TOO boyish or TOO girlish. Rather, I like a space that is sophisticated and simple (don't want it to scream, i just bought everything from the "store a, b, or c"  girl nursery tab). Also I like to help design a space that will grow with the baby from newborn to young child and on. This means nothing that is too "babyish". All this said, a nursery is a nursery SO don't try to make it into something TOO mature or TOO sophisticated. Rather, let it be a little bit fun and whimsical. It should be happy. The ultimate nursery - father of the bride II. If you haven't seen it, watch the movie tonight (and pay special attention to the nursery). Its a classic (the movie and the nursery). 

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