better basics: upholstered headboards

Yea, so there are the basic pieces of design- headboards, chairs, sofas, lighting- and then there are BETTER basics- upholstered headboards, iron headboards, modern sofas, classic sofas, wooden chairs, wicker chairs, modern lighting, iron sconce, and so on (you get the ideas...). SO thats what this series is all about. I wanna highlight some of my favorite better basics of design. 

First up, upholstered headboards. there are lots of reasons to love upholstered headboards. My top 2? One- its comfortable. it makes for the best cozy nook when curling up to read a book. two- its versatile -- various fabric choices (geometric, floral, stripe, solid), detail options (cording, nail heads), headboard shape (see cheat sheet below), headboard height (60" is my optimal choice for the headboard to show behind shams but not be too overbearing). any combo of these different elements can make for one heck of a headboard ... 

my ideal headboard (okay my, "today", ideal headboard) an oxford style (straight across), 60" headboard in a ticking stripe with nail heads. 

another great thing about upholstered headboards? there are lots of different avenues for getting your own. there are fabulous design work rooms and designers that can work with you to design the headboard of your dream-- the fabric, the shape, the height, etc. But if this option doesnt make sense for you or  may you just aren't sure of what our want right now, there are PLENTY OF OTHER WONDERFUL OPTIONS. BELOW, YOU'LL FIND A FEW OF MY FAVORITES THAT CAN BE found ONLINE OR SEEN IN STORES. and ANOTHER PERK? WHEN YOU/ IF YOU GET TIRED OF THE FABRIC ON YOUR HEADBOARD FROM STORE ___ THEN YOU CAN HAVE IT REUPHOLSTERED! WIN/WIN/WIN.  also if all fabric headboards aren't your thing- there are many options where the upholstered headboard is framed in either iron or wood. see more below: 

great basics: one, two, three, four, five, six, and a great slipcovered option

wood options: one, two

iron: one,  two

because everyone needs a cheat sheet: