bring outside in: topiaries

Y'all know i'm a nut for all things plants and flowers. I usually spend more time in the flower department at the grocery than the vegetable aisle (opps). In particular, I've always loved the look of a topiary. I love the mix of the natural with the tailored shape-- and it it just proclaims all things chic and French (hello Tulieres!). I recently bought a grouping of three topiaries for the kitchen, and it looks SO GOOD. They just make me smile and they feel like the right addition for the Fall. They also keep me on my toes because as much as I love flowers and plants... i'm not the best of the waterers. I've killed a few too many plants (not proud..). But these babies are getting my utmost attention and so far so good. See the beautiful use of topiaries below, and I promise you'll want some of your own. Enjoy!