designer crush: MRS studio

One of my favorite things about working in a creative field is that inspiration is such a daily conversation. When your  job is to see things in new and stylish ways, you are always keeping your eyes peeled for a new look, a new interpretation.. some cue that gets your juices flowing for the next space or the next canvas. It sounds cheesy and somewhat silly but in some ways, my job is to see the world around me and to really pay attention. (did i mention this is the most wonderful blessing? i love what i do).

One of my favorite places to draw inspiration is from other designer's home spaces.  No matter their style (whether its a look i identify with or not), I love seeing how designers live. When they have the freedom to create any space they want, what does it look like? One of my favorite designer spaces is that of Michelle Smith, a new york lawyer turned interior designer. I adore Michelle's taste (layered neutrals, flea market finds, interesting art, great lines). bonus- check out the blue shoe closet in her living room. Scroll below to see her chic NYC apartment. Learn more about Michelle here.