dutch door

hi friends! First, the bad news- things have been busy, busy lately at work and i've been slacking on the blog. Now for the good news, today i'm talking about one of my favorite current projects-  "project: mudroom heaven." Call me crazy, but I believe that the mudroom is the most important room in the house. Growing up in a big family that was always on the go, I am all too aware of just how much stuff families carry around-- totes, coolers, leashes, jackets, etc. If you're anything like me, these things always get dropped right as you enter the door. It does not matter how close by the kitchen, closet, or bedroom is; i just can't seem to get all my things to their right place. Y'all know the feeling? There in lies the genius of the mudroom. It is a home for all those "through the door" items that need a home until you pick them back up for the next day. Mudrooms also benefit the rest of your house because it keeps your kitchen table, foyer chest, that random corner by the back door, etc. from being the collecting spot for all these things. And just because it holds the "through the door" things, does not mean it can't be stylish. In fact, mudrooms make storage stylish. I'm talking beautiful cabinets, deep shelves, peacock paver floors, a great bench, good lighting, a good sink (for flower arranging). I'm literally in mudroom heaven just listing these things. Since I am a big time fan and advocate of good mudrooms in all homes around the world (and don't fear mudrooms can come in all sizes and prices... we'll talk about that too) , I thought we'd spend the next few blog posts going through "project: mudroom heaven". I'll break down the arrangement, the pieces, the design, the materials used, etc. And since today is DAY 1. I thought we'd start from the outside in: the door. AND since it is project mudroom HEAVEN, it was only right to have a dream door: a great wide, wood dutch door with a great brass latch.