hi friends- I'm sorry for the silence lately. I'll do better next week. Sometimes you just need to take some time to find your voice and inspiration again. But for today, I've got a real treat for you: gingham. Now you might scratch your head and think "this is your great idea after a week of no blog posts?" But hold your horses. Gingham is not just for Dorothy of Oz or your grandmothers skirted table. No sir'ee. Gingham is cool. (yep, i said it). And frankly, its not an original thought. Gingham is back all over the place. Look at JCREW, look at Alexander McQueen, and most importantly look at these beautiful interiors. In fact, I'm currently in a gingham crisis because the most perfect gingham fabric (that i desperately want to use to make drapery) is out of stock. I'm on the frantic search for a new option but i'm telling you the Rogers and Goffigon sheer gingham is the tip-top of my gingham list. So to deal with my gingham stress, lets all admire the beautiful ways gingham is used below. I like it best when gingham is a little bit country, a little bit cool, a little bit contemporary.  It can be sweetly used on a chair in a bedroom or it can be boldly applied to a foyer wall. its just a classic pattern that is hard to get tired of. Its not fussy. I like that. Alright, alright.. enough with my gingham gabbing .. scroll on!  xo