design dilemma battle: overhead lighting or swing arms

its time for a design dilemma battle: 

(like food network battle but not as yummy but also not as likely to make you hungry)

s w i n g  a r m s

o v e r h e a d

when it comes to bedrooms, wall scone are a design detail that i'm always in favor of.  y'all know already that i'm a lighting fanatic so this was right up my alley. sometimes wall fixtures in a bedroom are the most practical choice. when you have a small bedside table, nothing frees up more space then not having to take up a lot of room with a lamp base. other times, the use of these fixtures is more of a design decision. they can add interest and layers to the room; use them in the place of art over the beds or as a point of interest tucked within a bed's canopy. other times, practicality and design marry to for one stylin' result.  

so now to the dilemma. we're working on a guest bedroom at a beach house where we are deciding between fixtures over the beds OR swing arms between the beds. pros for over the bed: provide simple lines over bed in the place of fussy art, direct light for reading, "industrial" look, more updated/interesting choice, draw your eye upward in the room. pros for swing arms: more traditional look (depending on sconce we choose!), added layer of a shade (i'm a sucker for a pleated shade), easier to adjust for the sleeper. still undecided? me too..  here are pictures to help. 

swing arms

over head lighting

swing arm options: 

more traditional options: 

of if you wanna get a little more funky: 

over head lights 



and the winner is... 

ultimately, overhead lighting made more sense in this beach bedroom. i think the choice feels more updated. i also like the clean lines for this "fresh" bedroom look.. 

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