red, white, blue

There are few better things then being with sweet friends for a long weekend especially when those days are spent at the lake. We dove head first into the lake all weekend and laughed until our bellies ached. Since we don't get to be together very often, spending time together is a mixture of playing catch up, reminiscing, while also making new memories. The great thing about best friends is that they never really change. We've grown up, sure. But when it comes down to it, we aren't that different than when we met as freshman (minus the unfortunate "going out" outfits and awkward "read scared to death of college" smiles). And for that I couldn't be more grateful.  The weekend itself was rainy at worst and mildly sunny at best, but it didn't seem to matter. Everyone being together made it all worth it. We snuck in sun time when weather allowed, and spent the rest of the time porch bed swinging, cooking (and then eating!), and walking. And the ribs, y'all, the ribs. Any holiday that promotes bbq is a holiday I can get on board with. And in all seriousness, how blessed are we to live in a nation where we can speak freely and live without fear of our freedom being taken away. God bless America. 

and for the ride home: