hump day inspiration

in celebration of making it half-way through this week, i thought we'd take a little inspiration tour through some of my favorite images of the week. i've started doing this thing where i collect my favorite pictures of the week from various sources online (pinterest, websites, etc.) and put them in a folder on my desktop for the week. Why? well i'm not sure the point yet. But I have found that I love going back and seeing what caught my eye the past week. Sometimes all the images make sense together (like the ones below are all airy and light), while other times I'm mixing dark libraries and pool decks in the Bahamas. Who knows? All the same, i'm such a visual learner so scrolling back through these images not only makes me happy but it also serves as spring boards for the week's projects. They get my mind right! I've discovered that when it comes to design, its as much as bout the "feeling" as it is the actual items themselves. A lot of times its easier to understand the feeling the client wants than the actual style. For example, its much easier for a client to say "i want a casual, beach-y feel... a take of your flip flops and nap here feel" as opposed to I want "this white linen sofa, two of these chairs, a 5' window here...". The details are important! BUT they are a part of a bigger picture. you know? So the images below are my "bigger picture" for today. And I hope you enjoy flipping through as much a I love collecting them.  Tomorrow i'll be back with another #southerncreative that you won't want to miss! till then.. xo