southern Creatives: dorothy shain

You know those wonderful people who you meet (whether in person or through email in this case) and you instantly feel like you've known them forever? Dorothy is one of those people. Her sweet and creative spirit come across loud and clear. I've loved connecting with her over shared passions and dreams. Her art is AMAZING. Enjoy learning about and seeing more of Dorothy's art below! 


Tell us a little bit of your background. when did you realize that you wanted to be an artist? I have been painting & creating for as long as I can remember. It was not until high school that I realized it was important to take the talents you were given seriously. I began pouring all of my energy into my artwork and not long after was given a fine arts scholarship to Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  It took several job / cube experiences post college to realize that my creativity did not thrive in a corporate world. It was when I moved to Charleston in 2014, that I realized Ineeded to take the plunge.



what are your favorite mediums to work with?I love working with gouache. It is such flexible medium. It can be used like an acrylic or as a watercolor. It goes a long way. I love Holbein Acryla Gouache . Their pigments are spot on . . . I am currently hooked on “Misty Blue.”

What inspires you? Other people. I get inspired when I meet someone who is doing something they love and is excited to tell me about it. My wheels always start spinning & I start dreaming of ways for possible collaboration.

Where do you feel most inspired? Outside. The beach, the marsh or the mountains. Something about the three make me breathe easier & the colors are always refreshing.

what are your goals for the future of your art? Oh lord. So many goals. I guess my first goal, not the most exiting one, is to have a formal budget and strategic plan created by the end of the summer. I think this is the basis of any successful business. My second goal is to intertwine my art with a cause. I have a background in human rights and am so passionate about so many issues. I would love to find a way to connect those passions.

do you have a favorite among your pieces? Currently, I am loving my hand dyed linens, especially the charcoal grey one. Dying is an art attached to every culture. These works really speak to my love of travel.

favorite vacation spot.  I just got back from Kiawah for a weekend and loved it!

what things are always packed in your carry-on bag? Snacks. I never have anything I should have on me but I always have something to munch on. I try to keep it healthy.

advice for others who are pursuing a career in art? Get organized. It is just important to spend time out of your studio creating budgets, goals, and plans as it is putting that paintbrush to the canvas. I am learning this lesson the hard way.

how do you balance your creative passions and raising a family/home life? Right now, everything seems so intertwined but I would say having a studio away from my house helps. It helps me separate my home life.

describe your personal style.  Oh lord. During the week I am always in work out clothes. I am constantly moving around, hauling things, spilling paint & taking yoga breaks that I decided real clothes are off limits during that time. Outside the studio, I would say my personal style is feminine and simple. 

 tea or coffee? flats or heels? dogs or cats? breakfast or dinner? Tea & Coffee. I need coffee to wake up & tea to breathe. Flats and heels. Heels if I am out on the town, flats when I am out and about. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. I want 15.  I love a good long breakfast.

does being from the south have an influence on your artwork? Yes, yes & yes. For instance, I have been using a ton on indigo recently and one reason why is because it has such a connection to South Carolina history.

how do your family and/or friends play a roll in your art? Both my friends and family play such a crucial role in my art career. It is so nice to be able to run ideas by them, get their advice and let them bring their talents to the table too.

Thank you Dorothy! Learn more about her art (and shop!) here