southern creatives: Chassity Evans of LOOK LINGER LOVE

I came across Chassity Evans' blog, LOOK LINGER LOVE, when I was in college and have been a fan ever since. I love Chassity's style and the fun zest for life that comes through in all her pictures. Her good taste extends into all areas of her life- her home, her clothes, even her precious' kids' clothes. Chastity and her family live in beautiful Charleston, and following her blog transports you to a beautiful, low country life in a matter of minutes. This blog will become one of your must-reads. Trust me. I'm so excited to have Chassity here! Read on. 

tell us a little bit of your background. when did you realize that you wanted to be a blogger? All of my free time was spent reading blogs  mostly design blogs at that time, and finally I just decided that maybe I had something to contribute. It’s always been a lifestyle blog because I love fashion and interiors equally.


What inspires you?  Super creative and confident women. Women who are doing interesting things and putting themselves out there. I love that.

Where do you feel most inspired?  My city – Charleston, SC. It really is my most favorite place on Earth. The community is supportive, creative, and beautiful.

what are your goals for the future of your blog? My number one hope for my blog it that it always feels like a hobby to me. I enjoy every minute that I spend on it.

advice for others who want to get into blogging? Just do it. But do it because you’re passionate about sharing. And don’t feel discouraged by the zillions of blogs out there, but do feel motivated to stay true to you. 

how do you balance your creative passions and the rest of life? I guess I just weave it in. I really do look at my blog as a hobby, so “work” pretty much never feels like work. But with that said, I definitely get most of my blogging done the night before I post it. I’m not a great planner.

does the south have an influence on your style? I think it does. But the south’s style, at least here in Charleston, has evolved to encompass so much more than what people traditionally think of it as.

how do your family and/or friends play a roll in your blog?  My kids regularly make appearances and work with different brands like Old Navy and Gap… I love getting to do projects with them and just share my daily life – one of the many reasons I love having a lifestyle blog.

tea or coffee? flats or heels? dogs or cats? breakfast or dinner? Coffee. Flats for day\\Heels for night. I’m allergic to both. Dinner for sure.

favorite vacation spot? Oh this is hard. But I love staying at the Dunmore on Harbour Island. One of my most favorite places.

what things are always packed in your carry-on bag? My kindle, a phone charger, sunglasses, and Bare Minerals lip gloss. 

what are you looking forward to this summer?  Many beach and pool days with my family. And lots of pie and ice cream.

check out Chassity's blog, Look Linger Love, here.

i promise you'll love it!