blue, white, brown, gray

Yesterday was a long, full day of meetings with one of the sweetest clients. Making progress, making decisions is the best feeling; especially when you feel confident that those decisions will someday come together for a beautiful finish product. Its like making your Christmas list (with all the concentration and anticipation in the world) and then waiting for the magic to happen. Its even better when you're getting to work with a talented team of contractors and a kind client like this one. BUT today I'm taking a break from my day job. I'm spending the day going to work with my dad! I feel like I'm 12 again. My good friend is in Birmingham doing a nursing internship, and she's spending one of her days shadowing my dad. So naturally, I'm tagging along! I feel pretty certain I'll actually spend the day scheming up ways to redo my dad's office, but just for 24 hours you can call me nurse katherine (well, kinda).  

But now back to design, lately I've been drawn to soft colors, especially light blues, white, gray, camel. I'm mostly drawn to the calmness and serenity of these colors paired together. Maybe its a sign I need more sleep or maybe its my way of keeping cool on these hot summer days. Either way I'm loving the inspiration in the images below. Enjoy!