gotta have them: beds + benches

When it comes to bedroom designs, i'm a devoted fan of the bench at the end of the bed. I come to this conclusion after being a recent convert to a bench at the end of my bed. Of course, i've loved pictures of beds with benches at the ends for years-- there are thousands of beautiful bedrooms with lovely benches at the end of the bed; i realize this is not a new thing folks. However, back to my story, I didn't have a bench at the end of my bed for years. But recently I inherited one from another location in the house, and I'm telling you its been a wonderful thing. Just a few of its highlights: 1) I always have a place to perch when trying to get my sandal's pesky clasp fixed (important on those particularly rushed mornings), 2) I always have a place to throw down my bag, purse, shopping bags, and just junk (read: this could also be a danger; must not let bench get junky!), 3) It just looks good; it continues the lines of the bed into the room; keeps the bed from looking like an island in the room. If this bench testimonial didn't convince you, scroll on for some beautiful examples of beds with benches. AND you need a bench? I got you one! Scroll even further to see some great finds from across the internet-- funky, traditional, fur, iron, leather. I got you covered. Good luck on your bench endeavors! Need help? Email me Always here for you and your bench needs! 

AND now for a bench of your own: 

and because what Monday really needs is faith in Jesus. "I say to the Lord, 'You are my Lord. I have no good apart from You'." Psalm 16:2