june colors: going green

I blame it on the bounty of green everywhere you look outdoors but I can't get enough of the color green. All of a sudden every plant, every tree, every flower is proclaiming June and overflowing with life and vibrant color.  Green is my dad's favorite color. Always has been; I can remember my mom asking thing like what color should we paint the shutters, his response, always, was green. So maybe my love of the color is genetic but wherever it comes from, it is there and stronger than ever.

I like green because its warm but also crisp. Adding green seems to add freshness to a space. I also like that it walks the line between genders to me- not too manly but not too feminine either. I feel like colors can sum up your current mood and i'd say i'm currently in my green phase. Soooo humor me and take a look at the gorgeous uses of green in the pictures below. I think you'll see that green can be effective no matter how bold you choose to use it. Sometimes its just a hint of light green in a pillow while others its neon green chair frames or my favorite use of green - plants. However you use it, i'm sure i'll be a fan. Cheers!