pineapple friday

Pineapples are popping up all over my life. Yesterday when walking by a house that i've probably passed a thousand times, I noticed one of my new favorite things-- pineapples. Picture this, a lovely white-washed Georgian house with black shutters with pineapple cutouts.  AND last week I visited a house that had the coolest pineapple shaped pickets in their stairwell.  Maybe its my inherent cheesiness, but i love little charming details like this; they hold so much character.

This got me thinking, why are pineapples used so often in decorating and design. Now for a little pineapple trivia- pineapples are traditionally symbols of hospitality and welcome; gifting a pineapple is a sign of friendliness & graciousness.

Friendliness & graciousness? I'll take some of that. I'm declaring this the summer of pineapples; starting with these cool items below.