tomorrow, tomorrow!

yallll- tomorrow i get to install a project that i couldn't be more excited about. we made the design choices a little bit ago & since we've been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for THE DAY (aka install day)! this project has been the most fun collaboration with a sweet client who dreams of traditional but fresh design. it is going to be CLASSY & COOL. can you sense my excitement? anyways, i will be sure to keep y'all all updated via instagram of what all goes on tomorrow! until then i thought i'd share some pictures of cool finds out in B'ham that were spotted while prepping for the install. we are so fortunate to have such awesome resources in our area. MORE to come on this fun and exciting project. But for now wish me luck, I'm off to tackle a long to-do list with my iced latte (i literally can't drink enough of these things, so happy that the spring has finally arrived) ... eek! i hope y'all all have fabulous thursdays (aka scandal-day!.. you go olivia pope!) xoxo - kat