design crush: veere greeney

last week, our schumacher representative introduced us to Veere Greeney's beautiful new line of fabrics.  beautiful as in i'm literally can't help myself from trying to put them into every new work-up i've made in the past week. its crazy good. so of course, i asked the obvious question: who is this veere greeney? turns out i'm just uniformed and late to the party. Veere Greeney is an established London Interior Designer (yes, lives in london, even cooler than first thought). i bet he even has a british accent. too much goodness. below is from the "ABOUT" section of his website: 

Veere Grenney has been at the forefront of the International interior design industry for over 30 years. He trained under Mary Fox Linton, and later was a director at Sibyl Colefax and John Fowler before launching his own company in central London 17 years ago.

Veere Grenney has been honoured to be included in House and Gardens “The Directory of 100 Leading Interior Designers” for the last 7 years. As well as being one of Veranda magazine’s ‘Magic Maker’s’ for 2013, Veere is also delighted to have been included in Architectural Digest’s ‘Top 100’.

“Veere Grenney is a master of contrasts marrying the humble with the grand and clean modernity with classicism. He knows when to pull out the stops and when to show quiet restraint, creating interiors that are, at once, serene and exciting and never forgetting that rooms should be comfortable and livable.” – Dara Caponigro

below see some of his own design work as well as some images of his beautiful new fabric line for Schumacher. i feel certain that you will be seeing more of it! its A+ 

annnnndddd now for the fabrics:

i feel fairly certain that any room that gets graced with the presence of any of these beautiful fabrics will be suddenly transformed into a gorgeous sunroom in a country manor in oxford with an endless supply of tea and biscuits and clotted cream? or something like that... CHEERS!