i have this thing with floors: black + white

If you follow my instagram, you know that I actually do have this thing with floors. I don't know what it is but I love floors. I constantly find myself turning my computer downward to take a picture of the earth below me.  One of my favorite looks is black and white floors. Black and white floors are classic and timeless.  And one of their greatest attributes is that a classic black and white floor is accessible at all price points.  For example, in a bathroom, black and white ceramic tile laid in an interesting pattern is a great alternative to a plain white ceramic floor. Or alternatively, if you have more to spend, there are some fabulous black and white marble mosaics. No matter how you use it, the pattern and the contrast of black and white floors makes for an interesting & classic space with just the right amount of pizazzz. Check out the spaces below to see more. Notice, also, one of my favorite ways to bring black and white to your floors -- paint! stenciling black and white checks or stripes to your floor is a big time game changer. see below!