everyday i'm working: fabric schemes

One of my most favorite parts of my job is pulling fabrics for clients.  Fabric is like art. Each piece is a mini little painting and when they're all combined in a harmonious way its music to my ears. Its so fun to see how things you never imagined would work together.. do.  At the very beginning of a project, like before I even know the "details" of the project, I begin by pulling together some fabrics and other materials (wood samples, stone samples, etc) that set the "mood" for the space. Seeing all these little elements thrown together on the table helps get my mind right for the project ahead. Of course, we don't use every fabric on the table, and we certainly make lots of tweaks. BUT this beginning creative chaos is a "have-to," in my very humble opinion. Below are some recent work ups! check. it. out.  p.s. tomorrow is friday (insert smiley face here!)