collect: coffee table books

As a past english major, believe it or not,  I love to read, but I'm not sure there is any problem with big books with big pictures. I'm talking coffee table books, which might just be my favorite things to collect. To be honest there isn't a ton of variety in my selection, most revolve around: travel, animals, art, food, and design. Bonus of these beautiful books- they are not only fun to read but they're great to display. Add a stack of these babies somewhere and bam! instant room style. Maybe its not that easy, but they certainly help. So go on to Barnes and Noble and find some of these treasures for yourself. This is the one time when its entirely okay to judge a book by its cover. Below is a round up of some of my recent favorites (mom, caroline, paul... y'all seeing these?.. hint,hint)

you can find these books at Banes & Noble (or whatever book store you prefer!) BUT you can also find these and a lot more on One King's Lane. They've got some good ones all grouped there for you. Check it out!