favorite things: doors

i know you can't judge a book by its cover BUT would it be entirely wrong to judge a house by its cover?! aka the front door. i really don't think so. doors are maybe one of my favorite things about any house (i know, i know, i say that about everything) but this time i'm serious. the door sets the tone for the rest of the house. i love also how the front door helps express the style of the home- from tudor, to georgian, to a beach cottage.. the front door can say a lot!  i can't tell you how many pictures i have of doors from travels. my iPhoto is overflowing with doors spotted here and there that made me stop and stare. there is something so magical about them (here i go with the cheesiness) but really though--great doors hold great secrets like you just can't wait to see what lies behind them. think off the grand doors in paris- i long to be able to look behind each one. you'll also see below that some of my favorite doors are the colorful ones.  i dream of a home in Charleston with a bright green door... but until then i'll have to just love on the pictures of the ones below. enjoy!