one of my favorite design tricks is to add some height through the use of branches. its amazing how much branches in a tall container can transform a space. and its just so easy- all you need is a glass container ($10) & some scissors & your yard (or your neighbors yard!) and boom! instant goodness!  the height of the branches coupled with the intricacy of the different lines of the branches is just A+. SO of course it wasn't long before i decided these branches had a need to be documented on paper. i was already doodling them in my notebook next to my to do list, so why not put them down on something more important. i'm still playing around with these & i feel pretty certain there will be different versions of the "branches" but i uploaded a couple of my first sketches of them to be purchased via the website. they are $50 each on 9 x 12 paper. they would be a great edition to a gallery wall or hung in a grouping of 2 or 3. stay tuned for more interpretations of this favorite look but for now take a look at the ones below. if you have any interest and would like some better photos of the ones below, just shoot me an email hope you like!! xo!