week round up 3.2.15 - 3.6.15

YALL. Its been one whole week. AND there has been a blog post everyday. I'm pretty excited about this… I promise to keep it up. Even if i only have 1 constant reader (thanks mom!), I am loving having this space as an outlet for ideas. It is also so nice to have some "creative accountability." Having this blog encourages me to keep my eyes peeled for new and cool things in both the art and design world SO i can share them with y'all! 

YALL ARE THE BEST, and thank you again for taking a minute out of your day to read my scattered thoughts. 

I'm thinking on Fridays that I will post some of my favorite things from the past week {I reserve the right to change my mind on this, but I thiiinnnkkkkk it might be a good idea & a great way to round out the week .. jury is still out!}. Stay tuned friends! 

1- I just suggested these precious baskets from Serena and Lily for a dear friend's nursery. These are functional but so pretty. I plan to use them in every girl's room I can. They also come in a neutral or in blue. I think the neutral ones would be perfect for my closet for storage/clothes hampers. 

2- I am OBSESSED with slip on shoes. I love the ease and simplicity of a quick slip on. And I really love the lightness and comfort of sneaker style shoes. These from Calypso St. Barth seem like a perfect fit for this Spring. 

3- Aerin is taking over the home & fashion world. I can't get enough of her sleek, glamorous,  but charming style. She is a true lifestyle designer. My latest favorite are all her lovely vases. They can get so pricey, so I'm thinking ill order one of the smaller pieces. This little bud vase is just the right thing for me, but i'd be happy with any of them.

4- We just specked this lamp for a client, and I think its so good looking. I love how it is both heavy and substantial while also being so sleeeeeeek as well as classic.  This lamp has it ALL. And that shade, perfecto. Its also named after one of my favorite areas of London - "Belgravia" … need i say more? 

5-  I just ordered this chair for a client's study. Its a new release by Lee Industries. Its so cool with its funky lines but its not tooooo out there. I think its the perfect fit for this young couple's study, and I know they'll love it for years to come. A+ chair

6- Ann Mashburn is my favorite woman's clothing store. EVERYTHING they sell is so fabulous. All their pieces are so simple & classic. And they're not afraid of some great colors! They're store is my dream closet. With all the rain we've been having, I think this little jacket might be my next purchase. 

7- I spotted this little accessory at Suite Dreams last week. What a perfect finishing touch to a bookcase, table, centerpiece… 

8- Since the outdoor post earlier this week, I've been thinking a lot about outdoor furniture. I think I've finally landed on William Sonoma as having some of the best. No surprise! This piece, "The Somerset Teak Outdoor Dining Table," is my favorite. Cant you imagine a summer lunch here? Pinch me!