design dilemma: kitchen sconce

The situation: I need sconce for either side of the hood in a kitchen project. I chose to do no upper cabinets on either side of the hood so that the hood really stood out as a center piece in the kitchen. I love how clean and simple the wall looks with just the white hood and subway tile. The subway tile covers the whole wall making the whole wall stand out as a the focal point in the kitchen.  I want to add a little more interest to the wall by installing sconce on either side of the hood {the final cherry on top to this already good situation}. Below is a picture of what we are dealing with: 


 i've drawn {scribbled} in examples of my top two options-  1) do a more tented piece with a down light OR 2) do a long fixture with a half moon shade.  important note: I want to use a fixture that has a metal or glass option as a shade because these fixtures will be so close to the cooking. We don't want our shades getting grayish or dirty from the steam/grease/smoke in the air that comes with making delicious food. 

These are my favorite options so far…   have your favorite? 

Each of these have their pros! I think all of them would make a great statement without being too much in your face. In other words, they ADD as opposed to taking away from the kitchen situation we have going on! The first three are from Circa Lighting-- a company we use a lot for interiors. They are a great price point and have LOTS of options. The last 4 are from my FAVORITE lighting company, Urban Electric. This stuff is SO cool. Its literally ART. Each light is handmade in Charleston by talented artisans and designed by fabulous people around the country. Their pieces are investments, but GREAT investments. They are also fun to work with because they can be so custom. Each light has a "standard" look but then you have the option to change the metal finishes. The box of metal finishes is a GOLD mine of greatness. .. Can you tell I really love this stuff? 

All that said, my final choice IS OPTION #5. 

Despite how great all the options are, this one just can't be beat.  Here are my top reasons why this is IT: 1) it has great lines and great proportions - simple but effective design 2) its Urban Electric and their things are true pieces of art 3) I love how the white "shade" will play off of the white hood and the white subway tile 3) the down light will be perfect when chopping or measuring next to the stove 4) it SWIVELS, yes swivels… need I say more? 

Check back soon for pictures of these little beauties installed!

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