monday changes: art studio & website

mornin'! hope this monday finds you well and rested from a great weekend. i had the best weekend celebrating a dear friend's birthday as well as hosting two of my best friends from out of town Sunday night and today. spending time with people you love is the best. too cheesy for monday morning?! nah.  

while you're checking out the blog this morning, take a second {if you have it!} to look around the rest of the website. i made some changes last week {talk about a wild and crazy friday night acitivity!} and would love some feedback.  i really only meant to get on to add a few new paintings but next thing i knew all the fonts were different and i had an about page {very hard to write your own about page ... eek} but all the same, there it is. all credit goes to my sister for helping me figure out how to even have an about page. she's the brains & also a handy photographer when you decide its time for an about page. so cue the impromptu photo shoot- which is deffffffffinitely not my thing. took about five minutes to discover that my involuntary response to smile for the camera is to laugh. solo shots are hard. ok,ok, enough information for a monday! check out the website & take a look at the images below from caroline's and my spontaneous photo shoot of the art studio. AND have another cup of coffee. its monday, you really deserve it. {or thats what i'm telling myself}