j crew in paris

if you know me in the least bit, you'll know just how much i love j.crew.  i generally want almost everything in their style guide. everything they do is so fresh, so stylish, so effortless. i can't get enough..so of course it is no surprise that when they opened up the first Parisian J.Crew that it would be anything other than super chic.  the brand effortlessly translates into various cultures. their effortless, crisp style is spot on no matter the language (i'm only a little biased). i often find myself turning to their lookbooks for inspiration for both art and interiors. the mood of their clothing is one that i hope my art & design work would also communicate. check out the pictures below of their new French space. so inspiring. 

What do you love about Parisian style?
”The same things I love about American style, which is people doing their own thing — whether it’s tomboy, overtly feminine, sophisticated, punk. As long as you can own it, and it’s yours, that is what I love.”
Why Paris?
”Paris is, as far as I’m concerned, the birthplace of fashion. It is one of the most romantic, iconic cities in the world. I can only hope we are a great fit.”