when guests visit...

This past Sunday I had the immense privilege to host two of my very best friends from Nashville. Now these two girls have seen me at my worst & my best, and if the house was a wreck when they got here, they'd still be nothing but pleased and happy.  BUT part of the fun of having guests is working to create a space that serves as a little retreat for them while they're in town. We all know that hostess that always makes us feel so at home & so pampered even when staying in their playroom on a fold out couch. Its those little touches that make you feel so loved. So with all this on the mind, I thought i'd do a recap of my guest essentials.

books! (& magazines!): be sure to leave something printed for your guest to flip through as they fall asleep. sometimes i'm a little sneaky; leaving one of my favorite recent reads on the bedside table with the hope that they'll also become hooked. some of my favorites right now: Pride & Prejudice (you cant read this too many times), Bread & Wine as well as Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist, Scary Close by Donald Miller, anything by Pat Conroy, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are… 

lighting! lighting is one of my pet peeves. i can't stand not being able to see. both of these lamps are from Visual Comfort & at a good price point. the glass one is a more traditional bedside table lamp which i love. the other is more of a task lamp which can be a cool, hip look for a bedside table & also provides great reading light. two thumbs up! 

something personal: the frame here represents my something personal. this particular frame is out of the beautiful Aerin collection. but it really could be anything. a family photo, a sketch of a favorite place, a small oil painting from the flea market, a favorite quote or verse written on a index card… just something personal and welcoming. 

candle & matches: one of my favorite bed time rituals is to light a candle. its so relaxing. i like to provide my guests with the same comfort. the matches here are also from the Aerin collection. she even makes matches stylish

tray or bowl: this is very important for you or your guests. at least it is when you are as forgetful as me. i need one central space to sit my bracelets, rings, keys, and all the other important things. a tray like this or even a pretty bowl from your kitchen will do the trick. 

flowers: y'all knew this was coming. i'm all about flowers. everywhere. 

water: because no one likes to wake up without something to take a sip of. i love the idea of buying a cool looking glass water bottle from the grocery and sitting it next to a simple glass cup from the kitchen. so chic BUT so easy. win-win. 

check out some of my favorite bedside tables from a couple different looks. these guest rooms get it right. i'll happily stay here any day: