the start to your day

this past fall, we were in Atlanta for market and had the opportunity to listen to a talk by Suzanne Kasler {my favorite!}. Kasler is an amazing designer. if you haven't heard of her {highly doubtful!}, you need to check out her work ASAP. in everything she does, she somehow makes it look so effortless and lovely. her interiors are pretty but practical / sweet but still handsome / elegant but approachable still. you get the point?! she is my design crush. she has 2 books that you can check out; no doubt that many of the images you've seen {& loved} on pinterest have been of her interiors. best of all, i love how down to earth and approachable she is in person. she is truly believable & someone that it seems like you would enjoy spending time with. 

ALLLL this said, one of Anna Ballowe & my favorite things she said was about bathrooms & closets. she was explaining that she always loves working on client's bathrooms & closets because those are the spaces where you begin and end your day. they play a huge role in your day. isn't that a great way to think of these spaces?! just because these aren't "public" spaces of your home doesn't mean that they shouldn't be approached with the same thoughtfulness and appreciation. they  might even be more important because they are your special spaces within your home! your nest. 

so today i thought we'd look through some of my favorite bath spaces. when you scroll down, you'll see that while each bathroom has its own character, the overall feeling of each photo is calmness. certainly there are places for some bam! factor & drama in your home, but for me, the bath & the closet should be all about peace + serenity + calm. our world is so crazy, hectic and i know that most of us feel like our days FLY by us- this should be a space where things are still and simple for you as you begin your day. i think the designers in the photos below did an excellent job of creating serene spaces that are still interesting & beautiful. lots of soft colors, layered neutrals...take a look! 

 AND tomorrow we will look through some AWESOME closets. stay tuned… 

all images via pinterest

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"my soul finds rest in God alone because my confidence comes from Him" 

Psalm 62:5