to start your day {closets}

as promised today i'm gonna show you some of my favorite closet spaces. i know neither i nor a lot of you have closets of quite this size BUT that does not mean we can't still make them tranquil and beautiful. find some tips on how to make any size closet into a peaceful space. 

tips to make your closet into a space you love:

1) clean it out! if you're like me you have more than a few things that you no longer wear or need. cleaning out these items should be where your closet makeover begins. find a charity that you can denote to and pack up boxes to share with others. its a win-win. 

2) rearrange your closet so that the items that you use the most are in clear sight and the most accessible 

3) arrange your clothes and accessories by color & type - this is visually pleasing but also helpful when you're getting ready in the morning {and already running behind!}

4) store out of season clothing! this makes a huge difference. if you don't have another closet space that you can move out of season clothes to than try folding everything tightly and storing it either at the top of your closet or in boxes beneath your bed etc. this will free up lots of room!

5) use all the same type hangars. sounds small.. but this is huge! target has a great selection! 

6) designate a space for accessories- whether it is a shelf or basket- find a place where you can group together your accessories. again, this will make it easier when searching for that one bag that you need. it is also better for the eye to have everything gathered with like types. 

7) use baskets! things look better when they have a defined space. and no matter how good of a folder you are, work out shorts won't ever look neat on a shelf. you'll drive yourself crazy looking at it. by some type of bin, and boom! instant organization! 

8) add personal touches. even if you only have room for one picture frame, go on and throw it on that shelf! adding little touches like this help transform your space from a closet to a little room. 

9) speaking of little room?! remember things like small rugs, painting the walls, adding a little chair or stool... these are the touches that will really help you love this space

10) incorporate something in this space that you will see right before you leave your closet that makes you smile. if this is your last stop before leaving your nest to go out into your day, its important that you leave with a good thought. i have a little plaque in my closet reminding me "do not worry about anything; instead pray about everything" Psalm 4:6 and it always gets my mind & heart right before heading out.