this look, for less!

Lets be real- we all love Pinterest. Scrolling through pinterest can be so addictive. How many of us have logged into pinterest and logged off 2 hours later? ALL. the. time. In all seriousness, Pinterst is such a great resource for us all. It can be so helpful in looking for ideas for your home. Lots of times, we ask clients to put together a Pinterest board of all their favorite looks-- this is a fabulous tool in determining the client's look & design preferences. 

SO today we are gonna use Pinterest for a design challenge! How many times have you found a look on Pinterest that you LOVE but you don't even know where to begin in creating the space?! Well, thats why we are here! I'm gonna show you how to approach creating the same "feel" for your room but at a much more happy cost.

The biggest misconception about design is that it is super expensive & unapproachable. When actually working with a designer can in fact save you money because you are more likely to make the right decision the first time around (the right size, a durable product, etc.). Also working with a designer means you're going to have a wealth of knowledge regarding all areas of interiors -- great sources from custom showrooms to the best catalog pieces, the right paint colors, the best guy to call for steaming your drapes, and more.  I wanna show you just how this design process can work. Get ready. Lets go: 

Okay to start- this is a picture I saw on Pinterest & fell in love with the calm feeling of this master bedroom. Maybe its because this whole daylights saving thing is throwing off my sleep, but I am so drawn to the feeling of comfort in this room. 

First, lets identify what we like about this room. For me:

  • Its the calm feeling- this is accomplished by all the soft tone on tone pieces. I'm really feeling all the warm creams, grays, and whites.
  • All the various uses of materials (wood, iron, glass, fabrics) creates a very layered look that i'm really drawn to! 
  • I also love how the use of mixed materials (some soft like the fabrics & others harder like the iron and wood) balance out all the softness.
  • The gold! what a pop! I love how they threw this little bit of glam in. 
  • Patterned pillows! I like how the big pieces (the chairs, bench, bed, bedding) are in neutral quiet fabrics and then the pillows add some interest to the room. I like to add interest & pattern to rooms through pillows because it allows you the flexibility to change it up. Also pattern isn't nearly as overwhelming when used this way. In this particular bedroom, there are a lot of geometric patterns which I really like. Its not too sweet & it makes the room feel more contemporary. 
  • This room has a lot of balance & symmetry. The use of the 2 chairs & matching bedside tables and lamps is very appealing to me for the master. Again, it keeps things simple which is a nice feeling to have in a space where you want to relax.  
  • The mixing of heights in the room is also really effective. I love the height of the bed- makes it such an anchor to the room and draws your eye up. I like how they accentuated the bed with the curtains hanging behind the back of bed. Again it draws your eyes vertically while also softening the iron. 
  • Lastly, the flowers. No these aren't necessarily a design element. HOWEVER, I think every room should have some flowers. Its an instant game changer. So take this as a reminder to cut a few blooms from your yard for your space. 

Now that we've identified what we like about this room, we can start looking for the pieces to help capture this same look & feel. Its best to start with the bigger pieces, and then build off of those! Here are my ideas: 


iron bed $1399.00

tab-top drapery to be tied at the back of the bed.  $29.99 (!!)

glass lamp $200/ea. 

gold mirror $255

chairs $1200-$1800 (depending on fabric selection)

geometric rug $940 for a 10x14

the chairs $1200-$1800 depending on fabrics!

gold pop! bench $990.00

stool for between chairs   $219.00

bedside tables  $805

 pillows #1   & pillows #2  $50.00-$150.00


As always, contact with any questions! 

xo- katherine