monday musings

You know those cliche quotes you read on pinterest but you really love. Well you should know, I'm a complete sucker for such cheesiness. Guilty as charged. Today I read one that said: "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."  Isn't that a good one? Its not a particular break through thought but its one that kinda fired me up.... which is exactly what this Monday needs; especially this rainy monday. So whatever it is that makes you feel alive and sets your soul on fire, I hope you find renewed energy, belief, and focus for it this week.

Heres to chasing the things that set our souls on fire... (again with the cheesiness..sorry friends!) 

scroll to see some of my favorite images from the past few days- i can't get enough of mossy greens, light grays, camel tones, warm whites. it must be fall (finally!)