My appreciation for art and design started at an early age. Barefoot and sandy, i learned to paint from my dad in our downstairs studio at the beach.  Looking back I can see that I developed an appreciation for color, pattern, and detail at an early age. Between painting with my dad and accompanying my mom to every antique store in the southeast, i'm not sure there was a chance that i would not work in a creative field. Following school, I began working with an interior design firm in Birmingham. Working in design is the perfect melding of my love of home & creativity. Family and home have always been my driving forces, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work closely with clients as they develop their homes. 

Working in design back in Birmingham, it wasn't long before i had a paintbrush back in hand. With the space to stretch out, i've been painting every day since.  Working in design during the day with marjorie johnston & co and painting in all the times in between, I've never been more surrounded by beautiful and artistic things or felt more inspired to create. The two disciplines feed one another and working in both continues to shape my aesthetic. For me, in design & in art, it is all about home. Home is our place to be entirely ourselves and to really live. I like to think that through art and design i can contribute in some small way to creating lived-in & loved homes. enjoy looking around!